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Knitting Reimagined

Kimberly Yue

4 Stars

I signed up to receive this book sight unseen due to the name of the author–Nicky Epstein.  Nicky is a well-known name in the knitting design world for her innovative, quality and imaginative patterns.  Having taken a class…

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A Robust Overview of Printmaking

Gail Marsella

5 Stars

Not just modern, either. The author covers older techniques, and gives a comprehensive history of printmaking as well. A beginning student could start here to get a feel for what's available, although you'll need more specific…

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Changed my Life!

Sita Suchocka-Mohr

5 Stars

This is an amazing little book that almost everyone should read. It completely changed my attitude not only towards cleaning and decluttering, but towards my home and shopping.The Marie Kondo method means decluttering based on the…

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Tidying up

Christine Fernandez

5 Stars

The first impression I had was oh my gosh the cover is cute and another book of Marie Kondo. I put off reading this comic version until I was in a runt trying to get motivated me to read this and start cleaning. Not that I'm so messy but get…

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Colored Pencil Painting Portraits: Master a Revolutionary Method for Rendering Depth and Imitating Life by Alyona Nickelsen

Katarina Fechner

3.5 Stars

A well illustrated, in depth guide for creating beautiful works of art with colored…

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