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Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

Amy Melniczenko

4 Stars

I really liked this book. I have an expensive camera that I don't know how to use effectively so this book was perfect for me! I was able to…

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It's Alright

Kat Moore

3.5 Stars

For an experienced photographer, this book might seem a bit... redundant. This book does help those who are thinking they are not creative or who have hit a rut. I felt that some parts were pretty good but overall the book was slightly above…

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Helpful Reference for the Serious Photographer

Clare Lutz

4.5 Stars

Understanding Exposure is the perfect book for any photographer who owns a DSLR camera and wants to figure out how to use the settings: shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. This book thoroughly explains and illustrates how to use various…

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Conversational Teaching

Sheryl Jefferies

5 Stars

Understanding Exposure, How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera, Fourth Edition, by Bryan Peterson – A Review I started…

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