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"The Treasure Principle, Revised and Updated" Review

Kayla Richardson

4.5 Stars

" The Treasure Principle, Revised and Updated," by Randy Alcorn is the perfect book for any christian who is looking for guidance in regards to materialism and consumerism. He uses storytelling, scripture, and personal experiences to…

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Wonderful Devotional

Nick Highland

5 Stars

"You are the Beloved" is a one-year devotional compiled from the writings of Henri Nouwen.  As the title alludes, the devotional focuses on helping readers to discover their identity in Christ, and understand how they are God's beloved…

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Beautiful Words

JD DeHart

5 Stars

You Are the Beloved collects beautiful words from many of Henri Nouwen's writing.  This book is set up as a daily devotional and, though I am only using a review copy, I will return to its pages many times in years to come.  I…

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Thought provoking

Jessie Young

4 Stars

This book contains readings for each day of the year. They are short enough to read in just a few…

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