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How to Break up With Your Phone | Book Review

Amanda Tero

4.5 Stars

I’ll admit, the title sold me on the book. In this technical age, most of us are phone-addicts, and most of us admit it. We…

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How To Break Up With Your Phone

Heather Dannewitz

5 Stars

I’m guilty of phone addiction. It’s become a crutch to living our…

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What Drives YOU?

Brandon Weber

4 Stars

What are your dreams? What are your plans? What are your passions? In The Dream Centered Life: Discovering What Drives You, author Luke Barnett explores how to…

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nice, but doesn't really stand out

Christine Rambo

3.5 Stars

My husband and I both read this one, and we both enjoyed it. The storytelling was light and not too serious,but I felt like there was maybe a little too much storytelling and not enough practical advice. Compared with other cleaning and…

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