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Shyanne Shilson

4.5 Stars

What a great and insightful book. I've been struggling lately with self-happiness and strength. I have never read a book like this before so I was a little skeptical but I've devoured the entire thing in one sitting, today. I love this book.…

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Tools available for a better life to face fear and anxiety

Connie Liechty

5 Stars

Unafraid by Adam Hamilton, a pastor that is equipped to guide the person seeking peace from fear and anxiety with a spiritual and scriptural balance, is an awesome book!!  I was especially interested in the chapters on fear of aging and…

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This is a must read for those who suffer with health issues!

Natasha Rodriguez

5 Stars

I can't even remember why I choose this book of all the books on the review list, but I am so glad I did! This book is such a fresh, in-depth look at everything that takes place with the whole body when someone heals. I love that this doctor…

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Happiness Of Pursuit

Abram T Francis

4 Stars

This is an awesome book telling us to pursue happiness in our everyday life. we need to make happiness happen in our lives because it is a choice

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