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Shyanne Shilson

4.5 Stars

What a great and insightful book. I've been struggling lately with self-happiness and strength. I have never read a book like this before so I was a little skeptical but I've devoured the entire thing in one sitting, today. I love this book.…

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Find your path with strength, calmness, and happiness

Evan Kusch

4 Stars

In a world fraught with over stimulation, it is important to take moments for yourself. This book is a guiding light for anyone that has pushed themselves past that threshold, and are looking for a way to find calm, strength, and happiness.…

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Ten Day Belly Slimdown Review

Julie Hicks

3.5 Stars

After reading the book, Dr. Petrucci is known for her Hollywood work and if you want to…

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Between the Dark and the Daylight

Kayla Bell

4.5 Stars

I will read anything by Joan Chittister. She is a Benedictine nun and a shining light in this world with her practical spirituality approach.  Between the Dark and the Daylight urges us to look below the surface area and dig deeper into…

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Kept Me On Edge Wanting More!

hannah correa

5 Stars

Unlike most television cases, where it's solely based on the glitz of entertainment--this book is the meat…

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