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Better... For some

Renee Taylor

3.5 Stars

As a creature of habit I'm not sure why it is that I chose to read a book entirely about "habit forming". I may not be the best person to review this book considering I'm not the intended audience but it was still pretty interesting and the…

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The Happiness of Pursuit

Brittany Charcut

4 Stars

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but that is exactly what I did with The Happiness of Pursuit.  I saw it and immediately though, "I have to read that book!"  The imagery, the title, everything attracted me to this book.…

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Living With Intent

Shannon Armijo

5 Stars

It's very interesting how life works. I suppose if you are one…

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Perfectly Relatable and Encouraging

Sherri Martin

5 Stars

In this book Mallika Chopra — daughter of Deepak Chopra — explores the topic of intention, specifically how she set out to live an intention-filled life as a self-proclaimed soccer mom.

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