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Literate Getaways - My January Reads

Traci Rhoades

5 Stars

I didn't know a parenting book could be so funny. You'll learn about Jewish history, modern-day Jewish practices and about ways Jewish mothers encourage their…

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Love This Book

Sheryl Jefferies

5 Stars

I'd seen Ron Fournier on a few different news shows that weren't promotional spots for him but they did mention this book so I was curious.  I'm glad I followed through.  LOVE THAT BOY is a thought provoking family story whereby…

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Review: Besties by Leah Reena Goren

Amy Melniczenko

4 Stars

This is a wonderful little book that celebrates friendship! It's a perfect gift book for your best friend. It's fun and cute. The illustrations are fantastic…

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Lesley Manrique

4.5 Stars

I must say this book was amazing. It was a fast and easy read (it took me less that 1 hour). After finishing the book my sister found it on my bed and decide to read it at well. She thought it was a very simple and beautiful book. She decide…

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