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Book Review: My Sisters The Saints

Claire Rebecca

4.5 Stars

I didn't expect to relate too much to Colleen Carroll Campbell's My Sisters the Saints. One reviewer had described it as the story of a party girl turned faithful Catholic and to be honest, I'm not much (re: not at all) of…

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My Sisters the Saints

Patricia McKenna

4 Stars

I was immediately drawn to this book because of the saints that were reviewed. But maybe even more than that was the life of a woman that parallels the lives of the saints. The saints she discussed were Teresa of Avilla, Therese of Liseux,…

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The Joy of the Gospel: A Book Review

Laura Range

5 Stars

Seriously, how do you review an apostolic exhortation of the pope? ;) I have zero theology degrees, and I…

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Coming Out of the Catholic Closet

Declan Wilson

4 Stars

Of all the topics we have blogged about on A Millennial Type, there has been one that we have been hesitant to divulge in – religion. Erica and I have a very interesting arrangement that has worked well over the past 6 years –…

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