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Okay, but not thrilling

Laura Peredo

2.5 Stars

This book went into great historical depth, and I learned a lot about the history of St. Peter's bones. Downside? There's no definite ending! No sure conclusion! It's a good book, but short and a little less than I was expecting.

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Relevant & Inspiring, but Simplistic

Brandon Boulais

3.5 Stars

Seven Revolutions:how Christianity changed the world and can change it again, by Mike Aquilina and James L. Papandrea, delivers on its promise.  It's a fantastically well researched book and Aquillina and Papandrea are…

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Book Review: My Sisters The Saints

Claire Rebecca

4.5 Stars

I didn't expect to relate too much to Colleen Carroll Campbell's My Sisters the Saints. One reviewer had described it as the story of a party girl turned faithful Catholic and to be honest, I'm not much (re: not at all) of…

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It was not my cup of tea

Robin Dix

3 Stars

It was difficult getting through the book, it was a bit dry for me. I was disappointed. It started out really good, but then I just got bogged down in it. I truly appreciate the opportunity to read and review this book. For those wanting…

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