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And there is so much to be joyful about

Jody Gossert

4.5 Stars

This book begins with a trip to the Holy Land with his family and how the trip affected his daughter Hannah. She was particularly taken with an orphanage they visited. Fitting as they had just left the cave where Jesus was…

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Interesting viewpoint on Catholic life

Danielle Demers

3.5 Stars

 Upon reading the Catholic advantage, I found this to be a very interesting book, filled with information and statistics. It's one of those pieces that gives you lots of data points to look at. If you love to hear about statistics than…

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A Repetitive Account of an Interesting Life

Evan Holguin

3 Stars

Journal of a Soul, the autobiography of St. John XXIII, conflicts me. I really love the life of this Pontiff; I believe he is a fully holy man who did wonderful things for the Church (ahem, Vatican II anyone?).…

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Mother Teresa and the Works of Mercy

Amanda Marie Schrauth

5 Stars

I love how this book is based around the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. The book is composed of a bunch of short reflections/stories on the fourteen works of mercy. I love reading through the short pieces and seeing Mother Teresa's…

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