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Daring to Hope

Crystal King

5 Stars

I love books.  Our home is overflowing with them. I seem to always have a bookmark tucked between the pages of a classic that I have been reading aloud to my children.  And the pictures books; overflowing shelves of silly and sweet…

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write right.

sarah squires

3 Stars

writing about writing is probably every writer's favorite topic. i am always eager to read how other writers do it, as a means of procrastinating my own writing i guess, but i also feel hesitant, maybe that i won't be able to relate or that…

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My Sisters the Saints

Patricia McKenna

4 Stars

I was immediately drawn to this book because of the saints that were reviewed. But maybe even more than that was the life of a woman that parallels the lives of the saints. The saints she discussed were Teresa of Avilla, Therese of Liseux,…

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The Call

Charlotte A

4.5 Stars

I started the book and immediately liked it for its wisdom. Mother Theresa was (is!) quite the woman. And beyond advice, her words provide a…

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