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For all the Laura Ingall's Fans

Clare McMurtry

4 Stars

A Prairie Girls' Faith is perfect for Little House on the Prairie and Laura Ingall Wilder fans. It really puts things into perspective for those living in the modern world. Being a pioneer, Ingall's struggled with so many aspects of life…

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Book Review - A Prairie Girl's Faith

Sharon Wilharm

4 Stars

Laura Ingalls Wilder holds a dear spot in my heart. As a child I read her books and…

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Book Review: A Prairie's Girl's Faith

Tom Bubb

3 Stars

I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie. It was a fixture in my house growing up. For a time, I pretended I was too cool for Little House. I scoffed and claimed it was boring and depressing. I was foolish and I'm glad I finally…

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Great winter read by the fire

Natalie Wise

5 Stars

This is a great fiction (but also non-fiction) read for the winter! Perfect for cozying up with by the fire, or taking on a plane ride for the holidays. It is well-paced, interesting and well-written. I also like the cover and find it to be…

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