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Like Whoa! Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God

Sarah Fisher

5 Stars

I really put this book through a thorough beating with…

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A Gay Son and A Broken Mother Search For God

Donna Surgenor

3.5 Stars

I finished this book in a couple of days. I was impressed with the way the book alternates chapters written by Christopher Yuan and his mother…

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Nice book on Proverbs

Tabatha Anderson

4.5 Stars

This is a nice book on Proverbs. It has a traditional devotional layout and some interesting things for you to add to your study. I thought it has a nice layout, although I think I could use a bit more modern fonts. I ended up giving this…

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Whisper !!!!

Andrea Draper

4.5 Stars

I personal love this book I feel you should always try to improve your relationship as a christian your most important relationship is with God. I strongly agree with Mark Batterson that God wants to have an intimate relationship with…

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