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Michelle Marble

5 Stars

I have loved all of Katie's books and have been anticipating this novel for awhile! This book is SO good but also SO heavy. Get ready to feel and at times…

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Rebecca Cross

4.5 Stars

This book addressed SO many of the relevant hot topics of our day & news stories, in an easy to read, captivating way.  I loved that it had more depth and challenging views than the typical Christian fiction books I see.  It…

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Interesting and thoughtful

Arden Hamer

4 Stars

This is really an enthralling book and I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience.  The author expertly met the goal of…

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No One Ever Asked and now I know why

Christine Antosca

3.5 Stars

Camille was absolutely the worst in this book.  And why was it said to be about three women?  It was mostly about Camille which made parts of the book boring.  Would've liked more about the other two women.Taylor and…

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No One Ever Asked Review

Cate Hoepne Hoepner

5 Stars

Race is something that's been in the headlines for the last couple of years. It seems America is at war over color. This book by Katie Ganshert provided a great look at all perspectives of this fight. No One Ever Asked follows…

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