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The Grace of God for the Self

Joel Jackson

4 Stars

In "Moving Forward" Everett L. Worthington offers wisdom imbued with God's grace. Worthington explores the tragedy of his mother's murder and brother's subsequent suicide with the aching beauty of one who has faced suffering, doubt, pain,…

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There is More

Stephen Walker

5 Stars

There is More by Brian Houston is based around Ephesians 3:20-21:

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Open to the Spirit

Sonya Caudell

3.5 Stars

In  McKnight's   book  he takes a look at the Holy Spirit. His books is named Open to the…

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Review of Magnetic by Lynn Cowell

Katie Andersen

4 Stars

There are many really good points that this books makes to young girls.  The focus is great, of becoming the girl He (as in God, not a guy!) wants.  That  can be a really hard mind shift at that age.  The book helps…

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