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31 Proverbs to Light Your Path

Fabiana Rebollo

5 Stars

This book is so uplifting and makes you feel so so much better. It brightens your day with words of encouragement and makes it seem like everything is alright. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone going through something or not.…

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Little Book Review: The Lost Art of Good Conversation

Matthew Andreacola

3.5 Stars

I was very interested to see what this book was about when I saw it available. This book is a great recalling of society to learn about the importance of conversation. Which is really about listening. About hearing someone and learning from…

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A Jewish Parenting Book for All of Us

Nancy Cavillones

4.5 Stars

I read that Tiger mom book, and I read…

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A great read for any Catholic

Anna W.

5 Stars

Again, I am astounded with all of the information I do not know. This book introduced me to Bishop Barron, whom my priest fittingly enough discussed in his homily this past week. I had not heard of him previously but I found his book to be…

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Surrender Everything

Jean Wild

3 Stars

The Surrender Experiment seems to me to be more of a novel than a guide, which I was expecting.  I really had a…

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