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Book Review: Zen Camera

Elisha Dorfsmith

4 Stars

There is a zen book for literally almost everything and it turns out photography is no exception. Zen Camera: Creative Awakening With A Daily Practice In Photography by David Ulrich is actually a pretty cool book with excellent…

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A Jewish Parenting Book for All of Us

Nancy Cavillones

4.5 Stars

I read that Tiger mom book, and I read…

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"Daring to Hope:" A review

AnneMarie Miller

4.5 Stars

With gorgeous prose and gut-wrenching honesty, Katie Davis Majors' memoir, Daring to Hope, challenges the…

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The Surrender Experiment

Melanie Zitzman

2 Stars

I received this book almost two years ago. I had just separated from my (now ex) husband, started a intensive school program, and had…

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When God Made Light

Laura Miller

5 Stars

Matthew Paul Turner  and David Catrow have done it again with another beautiful children's book to charm parents and entertain young…

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