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A Jewish Parenting Book for All of Us

Nancy Cavillones

4.5 Stars

I read that Tiger mom book, and I read…

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Black Earth

Ariel Arguelles

5 Stars

Haunting. Riveting. Cautious. I'll admit, it took me a long time to start reading Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning by Thomas J. Snyder. Once I started, it took even longer to get through it. At first, I…

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Vicki Newell

3 Stars

The book started out good, but then it just got sadder and sadder and I couldn't keep reading. I tried over and over to read it, hoping  I would be able to finish it, but with so much bad happening in the world right now I just couldn't…

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Daring to Hope: A Review

Leslie Daniels

5 Stars

Moving to a new country that you have never lived in before can be a huge culture shock. Not knowing the language, customs, and just everyday living can be a challenge. Well, for Katie…

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When God Made Light Book Review

Stephanie Sullivan

5 Stars

I first fell in love with Matthew Turner when I read his wonderful book, When God Made You. I bought the book for two of my nephews, who have since read it…

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