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The Lost Art of good conversation

kathryn crowther

4.5 Stars

This is an excellent book on living in the moment and enjoying the conversations you have when in the midst of them. The author draws on  Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which adds an interesting background to the books. I like that one of…

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Literate Getaways - My January Reads

Traci Rhoades

5 Stars

I didn't know a parenting book could be so funny. You'll learn about Jewish history, modern-day Jewish practices and about ways Jewish mothers encourage their…

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'Thief of Glory' Book Review

Shelby Burk

5 Stars

Thief of Glory by Sigmund BrouwerMy Rating: 5/5I was sitting at a quiet table in the back of the restaurant's dining room. My friend was sitting across from me, but I hardly noticed he was…

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