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Roxanne White

5 Stars

This review is for How Healing works by Wayne Jonas, MD. The book is about the body’s healing processes & that 80% of healing occurs outside the doctor’s office – thanks to the mind, not the stuff doctors throw at…

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A great book for someone starting the healing process

Allana Dente

4.5 Stars

If you are in the healing field, none of this will surprise you. However, the stories were well placed and very meaningful. This was a great broad book that would be a great starting book to rethink the medical field, look into the…

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How Healing Works

Susy Brown

4 Stars

Author Wayne Jonás explains really well how our minds have this power to heal ourselves from numerous diseases. I didn’t like all the medical terminology used in the book because I could not understand it but overall is a great book to help…

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This book is filled with great stories!

Boulos Mikhail

5 Stars

Innovative and fascinating. The real life stories are amazing. This is a great hopeful book that will help both health care providers and patients shift the paradigm of their care to focus on natural long-term healing by integrating…

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