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A Lifestyle Way of Eating

Jenny H

5 Stars

I want to lose weight without 'dieting.' I want to be healthy without eating 'healthy.' The Trim Healthy Mama plan allows me to do both. Food is not off limits in this plan. This is not a diet book or a health book, it is a lifestyle of…

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It's amazing!!!

Adriane Wood

5 Stars

This book is a life changer! I wish & pray that every person had this book because it's a lifestyle changer, not just a "diet" book. It's a must have for every family. This book teaches you to use affordable ingredients & products…

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Rad Women Worldwide - Review

Melissa Hill

3 Stars

I was intrigued by the colorful and graphic cover of this book. It's also sturdy and attractive as a hardcover, and makes a great table top book to pick up and leaf through. My eight year old daughter especially enjoyed it, though I wish it…

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