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Phenomenal Book!

Elisa Apanda

5 Stars

This book helped change the way I saw academics, and changed my grades for the better. As a second-year student who read this going into freshman year, this book has become a manual for me. It's the first and only college advice book…

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Book Review- Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin

Dami Dokunmu

4 Stars

This books takes us through a journey that would be very familiar to most people- forming habits. She delves into research, anecdotes and explanations about why…

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A Jewish Parenting Book for All of Us

Nancy Cavillones

4.5 Stars

I read that Tiger mom book, and I read…

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Love This Book

Sheryl Jefferies

5 Stars

I'd seen Ron Fournier on a few different news shows that weren't promotional spots for him but they did mention this book so I was curious.  I'm glad I followed through.  LOVE THAT BOY is a thought provoking family story whereby…

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Raising The Perfectly Imperfect Child: Book Review

Lacy Range

5 Stars

Raising children can be the most…

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