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Honestly, the cutest

Numneek Singh

5 Stars

This book is seriously something that gets you thinking. Is it meant to be deep, or are you supposed to laugh? I read this cute book all in one night. The graphics were honestly really good and the wording was wonderful. I couldn't tell if…

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How to Be a Perfect Christian by The Babylon Bee

Jessica Boudreaux

5 Stars

What's the key to being a perfect Christian? You need to remember that it's all about you. In this guide, you'll get tips on finding a church that caters to your beliefs and spiritual needs. You'll learn how to keep your fellowship at…

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Not impressed

Ryan Bartlett

1.5 Stars

I love satire with the best of them but this book was kind of eh. I probably would have been even more disappointed if I had purchased it. I usually find the Bee to be “cute,” but this one wasn’t for me. It may be for someone. It just was a…

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Satire at its finest!

Lucian Davis

4 Stars

How to be a Christian is a satirical masterpiece that touches on the slipsups that the Catholic Church has been involved in. This book has been the cause of numerous laughs around my inner friend group. The jokes are easy to get and a…

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