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Great Comic

Mark Juffey

5 Stars

This book is absolutely amazing. The book is fantastic with amazing graphic designs and made learning about video games fun and educational. This book would be great to use for middle school or high school students about video game history.…

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Fire on the Track

Heather Thornton

5 Stars

As  a woman I am always looking for more role models or inspiring stories involving powerful superstars. I can not give enough praise for Fire on the Track. This book empowers women during a time in sports history where woman where a…

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Fun Idea, Mediocre Execution

Allison Banmally

2.5 Stars

The packaging and design for Come As You Aren't are very slick. It's an impressive box with three types of cards: Who, What, and Where. You pick one of each and leave them in an envelope for your partner to act out whenever they choose. The…

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