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Reminder to treat the concierge nicer!

Tiffany Mayhew

5 Stars

This book was so fun to read and it was a quick read as well. The book kept me engaged and eager to turn the page to read what they had to write about next. It had me laughing at times, sad at times as I remembered doing some of the things…

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How May We Hate You by Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe

Holly Flora

3 Stars

How May We Hate You is a true but hilarious look at what working as a…

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Melissa Vazquez

3 Stars

I just received my copy of BatDad and absolutely loved it! It made me laugh. It's funny, an intimate insight into Blake's life and his influence as Bat Dad on his kids and wife. He's a funny guy! There are pictures that make up the book so…

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Bat Dad = Batty Dad

Elizabeth Tyree

2.5 Stars

I enjoy the BatDad vines and was excited to be sent this book for review. This book is a funny and very quick read.  However, I am…

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