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Inside the Criminal Mind

Chandler Dungan

3.5 Stars

I felt that this book was a vital read for the trend of psychological thrillers that we are seeing now with other reads like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. I really enjoyed Samenow's take on how criminal behavior is based more on genetics…

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Tasha Eurich's Insightful Book

Kaylee Scruggs

4 Stars

’ll start with my overall impression of Tasha Eurich’s book, “Insight”. Read it! It is a great book with lots of helpful ideas and, my favorite, a whole section of the back with questions and whatnot to help you figure yourself out.…

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Review: The Four Tendencies, by Gretchen Rubin

Barrie Mooney

3 Stars

What I did love about this book is how it showed that people…

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What's Your Tendency?

Maureen Jones

4 Stars

This is a fantastic way to start 2018! I'm a huge fan of Gretchin Rubin and her Happier podcast.  Her latest book is a road map for understanding ourselves and other's (husband, wife, coworkers, friends, family, etc.) personality…

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Let's Go Thrifting Reviews: The Inkblots By Damion Searls

Jackie Jardine

4 Stars

In an effort to expand my reading interests, I chose a book that…

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