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All The Stars In The Sky

Helois Wegrzyn

4 Stars

What a beautiful book, the illustrations are just gorgeous and the book is laid out nicely.  Not only do you have the science of the stars, why they…

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Beautiful book

Sarah Keil

5 Stars

As usual, my five point review:I requested this book to review because my husband loves mythology and science, and I thought it would be fun to look at together... and equally enjoyable for him to be able to…

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Inside the Criminal Mind

Chandler Dungan

3.5 Stars

I felt that this book was a vital read for the trend of psychological thrillers that we are seeing now with other reads like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. I really enjoyed Samenow's take on how criminal behavior is based more on genetics…

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A review of What We See In The Stars

Ariana Nelson

5 Stars

At first glance, What we See In The Stars might appear to be a children’s book. You know, one of those informative picture books that waters down facts to spoonful goo that barely explains anything. I had my reservations…

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Fantastically gorgeous!

Amanda Toth

4.5 Stars

This book is visually stunning. The cover is eye catching enough, but when you actually open it, it just gets better. I'll admit, I picked this one for the pretty pictures, and I was not disappointed. Even better, this book is incredibly…

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