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Tamela Dupree

4 Stars

I did not finish this memoir just yet. But this is heartbreaking, eye-opening testimony at the true horrors that other countries are plagued with. Nadia was such a strong YOUNG woman. I can not phantom living through any of…

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Julie Davide

4 Stars

This is a quick engaging read. Montillo excels at developing a narrative that is both detailed and action-oriented. She does a good job of contextualizing the…

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Fire on the Track

Heather Thornton

5 Stars

As  a woman I am always looking for more role models or inspiring stories involving powerful superstars. I can not give enough praise for Fire on the Track. This book empowers women during a time in sports history where woman where a…

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Just okay, nothing amazing

Katrina Weidknecht

3 Stars

The book is divided into four parts, which are: Seeds, Roots, Starts, Fruit.  The prologue was an interesting glimpse into a moment of her time in Guatemala. Part One…

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Last Girl

Samantha Sali

3.5 Stars

It was interesting to read this book - it's not the normal genre I read but I thought it was interesting and the Foreward by Amal drew me in as well. While I'm not into the subject, I found the book to be a great insight to a whole new…

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