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Review: Nourished

Hannah Williams

3 Stars

I’m a bit of a foodie, so this book was super appealing based on the front cover. And, I wasn’t disappointed with the food side of it. Lot’s of Mediterranean and authentic Mexican food recipes among others. What’s not to love about…

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"Daring to Hope:" A review

AnneMarie Miller

4.5 Stars

With gorgeous prose and gut-wrenching honesty, Katie Davis Majors' memoir, Daring to Hope, challenges the…

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Convicted - A True Story

Amy Smith

4 Stars

I found this book interesting…

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Julia Ryan

5 Stars

Daring to Hope was 100% placed in my lap by God EXACTLY when I needed it because....woah. woah. woahhhhhhhhhhhh. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. Katie Davis (now Katie Davis Majors) from her first book "Kisses from Katie" has changed. She has…

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