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New Boy

Jennifer Strohschein

.5 Stars

I found this book to lean rather far to the disconnected and unbelievable side of things. As the mother of three boys, the youngest turning 13 soon, I found these 6th graders to be rather advanced - especially on their thoughts about sex. As…

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O and Dee

Emily Congdon

4.5 Stars

A quick, yet hard-hitting read, Tracy Chevalier tackles Othello in an accessible and fast-paced retelling. Without losing any of the drama, tragedy, or heartbreak, Chevalier places Othello into a 1970's suburban playground. This little novel…

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New Boy, by Tracy Chevalier

Megan Condon

4.5 Stars

Tracy Chevalier's New Boy is the latest installment in the Hogarth Shakespeare series, and I think it's one of my favorites of the series. Having studied and taught Othello, I felt as if I were able to…

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