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Review: Book of Esther

Deanna Vasso

2 Stars

I wanted to like this book way more than I did. I actually had…

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The curse of success

David Musto

2 Stars

There have been a lot, I mean a LOT, of Doctor Who novels in recent years since the BBC's revival of the TV show. The not-so-good have greatly outweighed the good. This one is definitely among the former. Stuck in a bad cross between Monty…

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Not my favorite

Ashley Mortimer

.5 Stars

i honestly didn’t really like this book. I couldn’t get into it and I didn’t even finish it.  I later discovered that this book is not the first in the series and that explains why I was not into it and was very confused the entire time…

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Blood Rose Rebellion

Rachel Hansen

4 Stars

For lovers of dystopian fantasy and magic, this book has a strong heroine set out to use her abilities to uproot the social order. Personally, I love a good female role who has a "coming of age" story as they learn about their powers and…

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