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Really bizarre, yet compelling

Ashley Kemp

3 Stars

Have you ever read a book that you weren't into for a great deal of it, you don't connect, but then you realize you're engrossed in the story anyway? Beautiful Animals was exactly like that. Sometimes I wondered what was happening and then…

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Mr M

Jessica Hall

4 Stars

Step (hesitantly) into this sordid tale of criminal intrigue, rich engrossing characters, subterfuge and lies, love and loss; all woven together with a dark undercurrent thread of humanity ad insanity.  Some of my favorite television…

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Chronicle of a Last Summer - A Review

Suzanne Terry

3.5 Stars

“…if he were still alive and I told him now that I wish I could preserve the older…

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The Dinner

Mallory Burgey

2 Stars

Unfortunately, I did not finish reading The Dinner by Herman Koch. I made it halfway through before losing interest. I found the writing to be rather tedious, and the story dragged on and on. There simply wasn't enough tension or intrigue to…

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Not my cup of tea

Cecilia Garcia

.5 Stars

I came upon this book last year. At first I will admit that the cover was intriguing but the synopsis wasn't too bad. All in…

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