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"Holiday Cookies" ~ A Review

Melanie Reynolds

5 Stars

Are you always looking for fun and different cookies you can make in December for the holidays?I admit, I am.  We make biscotti every Christmas...but often we'll search for something different or unusual that we haven't made…

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Review: Taste & Technique by Naomi Pomeroy

Paul Post

3.5 Stars

This book is beautiful. The photographs accompanying each recipe are mouth-wateringly spectacular. The recipes are well-written and include all the detail you need to replicate the dishes at home.So, why couldn't I get into…

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A Holiday Cookie To Remember This Holiday Season

Nerisa Eugenia Waterman

5 Stars

The Christmas Season is now officially upon us and so is the…

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Book Review: Tacos

Samantha Abbatiello

4.5 Stars

This book is thorough and beautiful. Never before did I think "I should try making my own tortillas." But this book…

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