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Behind the cover: the Great Big Pressure Cooker Book

Adam Petramala

3.5 Stars

Written by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough

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Overall a very good, informative, and potentially tasty read.

Elia Varela

4.5 Stars

"Southern Spirits: Four Hundred Years of Drinking in the American South, with Recipes" is a lofty book in that the author, Robert F. Moss looks to take on the entire history of the American South in terms of alcohol. Despite this…

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Encyclopedic & Entertaining

Jeff Galipeaux

5 Stars

For any lovers of this core ingredient of the cuisines of the Americas, this book is essential. Hundreds of lengthy, informative, beautifully photographed entries give way to a short but provocative assortment of recipes, making for a…

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Book Review: Trim and Health Mama

Ruth Nguyen

3 Stars

This cookbook is written by two sisters who enjoys healthy eating. The book…

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Broth and Stock: Book Review and Challenge

Jennifer Dages

4.5 Stars

I love making my own broth and stock and have been so for the past few years. I can't believe…

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