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Taste Mighty Fine

Amanda Roth

4.5 Stars

I can't tell you how often i've see tasty videos popping up on my newsfeed. I always save the videos and forget about them or can't locate them. Now they have finally released a cookbook that has all of the memorable foods they've made plus…

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Delicious Vegan recipes

Pauli Stern

5 Stars

Vegan Comfort Classics is chock-full of yummy-looking vegan recipes that cover breakfast through dessert. The photographs are beautiful, and you'd never guess that the food is vegan. I can't wait to dig in and try some.

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The Art of Simple Gatherings

Sarah Jurkowski

3 Stars

What a wonderful cookbook! "Food with Friends" is filled with awesome, unique recipes for all to enjoy. I really like the fact…

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Yummy Variety

Venetrise Jackson

4.5 Stars

This book had a wonderful mixture of classic recipes and new twist on the ice cream recipes.  You will need a ice cream maker to produce these results. The ice cream recipes are creamy, smooth and rich, not icy.  There are…

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Delicious recipes must be followed accordingly for full potential!


4 Stars

With the word lightest in the title, you would be safe to assume that there are a lot of light recipes in here, but that doesn't mean they aren't tasty. Now, I've only tried one recipe so far and while it…

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