Faithful Heart

by Al Lacy

Angel of Mercy Series: Book Two


Dottie Harper fears for her children's safety. Her husband, Jerrod, is struggling with dementia brought on by shell shock during the Civil War. It's as though there are two Jerrods locked inside him: the tender and loving Christian man she married, and a harsh man given to unpredictable fits of violent rage. Dottie loves her husband with all her heart, and with God's help, she'd determined to remain steadfast.

Dottie's sister, Breanna Baylor, is a certified medical nurse. She's headed west with a wagon train, planning to visit Dottie in California and meet her family for the first time. Along the way, Breanna meets up with wounded soldiers, contagious townspeople, and injured outlaws. Compassionate and highly skilled, she tends to their physical hurts and shares the gospel whenever she can. Litlle does she know that a life-or-death meeting awaits with her own brother-in-law.

Come alongside these two remarkable sisters, and rejoice in how God takes care of those with faithful hearts.

Recent Reviews

Covers some tough subjects in a very approachable way.

Jennifer DeFoy

3 Stars

This was a good story. There were times that it was predictable but I think that every story has those points. I liked Breanna very much. She was very independent and strong willed. The things that Jerrod was dealing with were very…

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Faithful Heart by Al Lacy

Joan Nienhuis

3 Stars

This is the second in the Angel of Mercy series featuring Breanna Baylor and John Stranger. I had not read the first in the series and therefore was lost for a few pages at the very beginning. Lacy did do a good job of filling me in as to…

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Ruth Curcuru

1 Star

This book had a basically good storyline and characters with real potential. However, it is one of those Christian romances that mentions prayer, God, Jesus, or salvation on almost every page. It got to be too much for me. DNF p 82 …

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