The Love Code

The Secret Principle to Achieving Success in Life, Love, and Happiness

by Alexander Loyd, Ph.D., ND

   Did you know that most self-help programs that follow the standard success blueprint have a 97% failure rate? The truth is that the typical personal improvement mantra of tapping into your willpower and using the power of positive thinking is actually a recipe for failure.  In The Love Code (previously published in hardcover as Beyond Willpower), bestselling author and psychological counselor Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND, reveals the definitive self-help program to help you finally achieve the life you want and the success you deserve. 
      Science has proven that stress is the primary source of virtually any problem– physical, spiritual, emotional, and even circumstantial. Loyd believes that we need to understand how love works in our bodies to combat stress. By harnessing love’s power and learning to live in the present moment, you can define your life goals and live mindfully in a state of peace. 
   Rooted in science, ancient wisdom, and proven therapeutic techniques, The Love Code offers three important mental, physical, and spiritual tools and a revolutionary 40-day holistic program based on more than 25 years of clinical experience in removing the obstacles that sabotage us. You'll also have free access to the unprecedented "Success Issues Finder" test, which accurately diagnoses your unconscious and subconscious issues related to success and failure, happiness and unhappiness. No matter how you define success – as wealth, career satisfaction, healing of health issues, or resolution of relationship problems – The Love Code will help you achieve it once and for all, quickly and for the long term.

Recent Reviews

Good book, not my cup of tea

Farhsn Saeed

3 Stars

I read Love Code immediately after I received it and I have to say it was very hard for me to get through. The premise of the book is great if you are into new age healing theories (I'm not) but I'm open-minded and don't discriminate against…

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Read it, its worth it.

Aycee Brown

5 Stars

I am pretty surprised how wonderful this book was. At first, I thought i think this book is not for me but then as…

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Lindsey Billings

4 Stars

I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  I have always been bad about self sabotaging myself and this book helps you learn how to find success in all aspects of your life by working from the inside…

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Better than self help books

Susan Daggett

5 Stars

The Love Code isn't a standard self help book. In fact it tells us why there is a 97% failure rate with self help programs. This book has an alternate way to fix your life that is called The Love Code. I liked the book and I am excited about…

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