Q&A a Day for Creatives

A 4-Year Journal

by Potter Gift

Q&A a Day for Creatives is your go-to source for inspiration, whimsy, and idea generation. Each page of this four-year journal features a compelling question designed to get you thinking drawing, and dreaming. Open the journal to today's date and fill in the appropriate space as you see fit. (Pencil doodles? Watercolor? Musical scales?) As the journal fills year after year, you'll own a showcase of your ever-growing creative output.

Recent Reviews

Q&A a Day

Tiffany Hemphill

5 Stars

"Q&A a Day for Creatives" is your go-to source for inspiration, whimsy, and idea generator. Each page of this…

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A fun book for the creative types out there!

Rebecca Schaffer

4 Stars

This is a four year diary where each day you make a sketch or write a poem or really produce anything that has to do with that day's prompt (1 prompt per day of the year, with the same prompt repeating on that same day of the year for four…

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its a fun book to have

Elizabeth Soto

3.5 Stars

its a fun book to have, when you give it to a kid, it keep there mine busy lol.

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Q & A a day for Creatives

Shelby Clarke

5 Stars

I have long held on to the title creative, even though my drawing skills seem to lack. But I was SUPER excited to…

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