A Prairie Girl's Faith

The Spiritual Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder

by Stephen W. Hines

The beloved author of the Little House books was not only one of America's great pioneer storytellers but a woman of vibrant faith.

A Prairie Girl's Faith provides the first extended, in depth discussion of the Christian faith of one of America's most beloved pioneer women--Laura Ingalls Wilder. Although the faith of the Ingalls' family pervades books in the Little House series, the more specific details of Laura's faith have never been fully explored. It took extraordinary pluck for anyone to survive the harshness of frontier life--from the heartbreak of sudden crop losses to murderous storms to unrelenting loneliness. This book reveals how in surviving, the brave Laura drew not just on her character, but found encouragement, strength, and hope in her relationship with God.

Recent Reviews

Wonderful, Deep Story of One Woman's Faith

H. Marshall

5 Stars

I love Little House on the Prairie themed…

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Every little house reader needs to read this

KF Carl

5 Stars

I've loved little house on the prairie fornuattely over twenty years now.  I can never get enough.  Their stories of triumph and strength and gratitude have always inspired me. Learning more about their faith was just wonderful.…

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Laura IngallsFaith

Ki Galvan

5 Stars

I really enjoyed this book as an avid Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. It provided a great and introspective look at her life and rich religion which I previously wasn't knowledgeable about. The author went into great detail about a pet of Laura's…

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A must read for anyone who loved Little House

Cheryl Adkisson

4.5 Stars

Few television programs from my growing up years did I look forward to more than Little House on the Prairie.  The series was so wholesome with family and faith evident in every episode.  The books were read to me by my mother…

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