Everything You Need You Have

How to Be at Home in Your Self

by Gerad Kite

Gerad Kite was a therapist for years before realizing all the talk and analysis weren't making a lasting difference in the lives of his patients. So he quit his practice and looked for a new way to help people feel better. What he discovered is a different approach to finding a secret, peaceful, and permanent place inside yourself that you can access at all times, a path to getting out of your head, to surrender to what is. You'll see that you already have what you need to be happy and well.

Kite draws on the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy and his extensive experience helping people from all walks of life as a relaxation and acupuncture expert. His ten steps will show you how to tune in to your natural rhythms, view your emotions from a different perspective, and finally experience a state of bliss that you can return to again and again.

The secret to feeling at home in yourself isn't therapy, meditation, silencing your phone, throwing out your possessions or traveling the world. The answer is already inside you.

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Oceanne Marc

.5 Stars

In words I can put I like it I think if their were little more pages than I would be hooked but that's me…

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Everything you need you have

Shiper Fiana

5 Stars

Everything you need you have. Isn't that the truth? I am one of those people who keeps buying stuff and adding items to my life. And then my house and my life starts feeling overwhelming :( I will now practice the principles from the…

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The most inspirational read

Abhijith Jayakumar

4.5 Stars

I am usually skeptical with titles such as "everything you need you have", which sounds to be more pandering to the audience. But this one is true masterpiece and helped me to see the world through the needs, wants and our greed. It has been…

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Everything You Need You Have

Aimee Baum

4 Stars

I enjoyed this book by Gerad Kite,  he takes a lot of what I consider complex ideas and tries to describe them in a way that is easier to understand.  I learned some basic ideas of Taoism and the ancient Chinese concept of the…

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Everything You Need You Have by Gerad Kite Book Review

Jackie Paulson

5 Stars

Everything You Need You Have by Gerad Kite

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