The New American Herbal

by Stephen Orr

From modern garden master Stephen Orr comes a new, definitive book on herbs to finally replace the dusty and outdated classics. Here are entries on hundreds of plants that are extraordinarily useful in cooking, homeopathy, and more; dozens of recipes and DIY projects; and beautifully styled photographs so you know just what you're growing.

With more than 900 entries, each accompanied by brand new photography and helpful growing advice, The New American Herbal takes the study of herbs to an exciting new level. Orr covers the entire spectrum of herbaceous plants, from culinary to ornamental to aromatic and medicinal, presenting them in an easy to use A to Z format packed with recipes, DIY projects, and stunning examples of garden design highlighting herbal plantings. Learn about the herbs you've always wanted to grow (chervil, chamomile, and lovage), exotic herbs (such as Artemisia, the bitter herb used in Absinthe, or the anti-inflammatory Meadowsweet), and ornamental varieties (Monkshood and Perilla). For cooks there is indispensable guidance on planting and maintaining a bountiful kitchen garden and crafters will delight in dozens of exciting new uses for fresh, dried, and distilled herbs. Here, too, are 40 delicious recipes such as Ragu Bolognese with Fennel and Lemon Semolina Cake with Lavender, as well easy steps for projects such as a hanging herb garden and instructions on how to plant, dry, and preserve your garden’s bounty.

Meticulously researched and exhaustive in its scope, The New American Herbal is an irresistible invitation to explore the versatility of herbs in all their beauty and variety.

Recent Reviews

The New American Herbal review

Natasha Schoenhals

5 Stars

If you are interested in improving your life in any kind of herbal way, this book is a great asset! Full of information regarding herbs and with lovely bright pictures, you won’t have to guess what plant the author, Stephen Orr…

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Great Herbal book!

Heather Ring

5 Stars

The New American Herbal is a comprehensive guide with a little something for everyone,whether you are just getting into herbs, are wanting too add to your existing knowledge or are already an expert. Every page offers something useful,…

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The New American Herbal by Stephen Orr

Bethany DeSelms

5 Stars

I was absolutely delighted to get this book and when it came in the mail I was not at all disappointed, in fact, if anything this book exceeded my expectations. This book is everything one would want in an herbal book and more. It is filled…

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Great Book!

Michelle Marble

5 Stars

What a great book! I was not expecting such a huge beautifully organized book. I love books about herbs because I always find something new. I grew up around herbs and usually them for everything. It's nice to have a book of info for…

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Herbs A-Z

Genevieve DeGuzman

4 Stars

If I ever wanted to transform myself into some kind of apothecary/herbalist guru, this would be the book to have. The New…

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